Critical evaluation of websites and modelling the use of Google Docs to complete an activity.

Workshop Description

How do you teach a student to critically evaluate the validity of websites? In this session we will be collaborating together in small groups to work through 4 activities. The activities look at false websites and use 4 steps to determine their validity. During the workshop I will model the use of Google Docs as a tool to enable multiple people to collaborate on the same document at the same time. This is a workshop you don't want to miss. It can go straight into your classroom. It is suitable for years 3-12, university and staff PD. A must for all people interested in understanding more about webpages, people responsible for eLearning and teacher librarians.

This is hands on session where you will learn new things. During the workshop you will have the opportunity to take copies of the documents to use with your staff and students.

This workshop incorporates the following skills:

  • Critical Thinking - How do you determine the validity of a website using URL, Content, Author and Links.

  • Extension of web skills - What pages link to a page? How do you find the owner of a domain? Advanced searching using Google Tags.

  • Collaborative Learning - Using Google Docs as a tool we will work in small groups to investigate the validity of false websites. The website looks good but is it valid? How do you know if it is valid.

  • Google Docs - What is it? Why use it? I will model how to use it in your classes.

You wil need

  • Headphones - would be handy for this workshop as you are asked to watch some short videos.
  • Your own laptop or Nexus tablet. Not all tablets (particularly iPads) work well with Google.
  • I have asked for some desktops or laptops be available.

Things to do before the workshop

Create a Google Docs account. This will take 5mins.
  1. Go to
  2. Click on sign in.
  3. Click on sign up. (if you don't have an account)
  4. Complete the form.
Use a password you will remember.

Watch these videos if you would like some background knowledge.

What is Google Docs? 2:50 mins
What is a secure password? 3:30mins

Workshop Activities

You will receive a copy of all workshop activities in the workshop. For a primary level classroom this will translate into a term program. For highschool it would be 4+ 1 hour lessons depending on skill level of students.
You can contact me on twitter if you have any questions.
Links to activities
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