Connected Learning
Digital Literacies has been introduced at Shore over the past 8 years, and has now been further developed into Information & Digital Literacies. Digital Literacies is an ongoing program, whereby Year 7 students are introduced to all the technologies available at Shore. This program is implemented into the Year 7 Program throughout the year. Specific softwares and cloud technologies are introduced together with the use of ipads, phones , flip cameras and laptops. Microsoft Office 2010 is explored in detail to bring each student up to speed with the school system, as well as an indepth exploration of the school portal. Information & Digital Literacies has more recently been introduced, whereby specific Departments come on board and together with the Information resources supported by the Teacher Librarians, and the Digital Literacies are introduced into the specific units of work. This large variety of technologies, allows the students to present their research on the topic in an imaginative and highly effective way.

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Sharan King (Shore)
Learning Technology Integrator/Housemaster
At Shore School I am currently co-working with the TAS Department, implementing Digital Literacy Skills and utilising iPads effectively with all Year 7 Classes. In the Library Department, I am currently helping the Teacher Librarians, integrate Information & Digital Literacies across the KLAs in the Secondary School.

Connected Learning was introduced into Year 7 at Riverview this year, students are exposed to a range of topics that tie in with their study of English and Social Sciences. Connected Learning is additional to the specific technology integration lessons students have with the Middle School ICT Integrator. Throughout the Connected Learning course students are exposed to Riverviews Learning Management System, Student Portfolio as well as Microsoft Office and online presentation tools. The focus of Connected Learning is on building students research and communication skills and how this can be enhanced with the use of ICT.

Photo on 2011-10-28 at 11.41 #3.jpgTrent McAllan (Riverview) is the Digital Learning Facilitator,History at Riverview. He works with the History Faculty to incorporate technology in a pedagogically sound way into the teaching and learning programmes. Trent has a background in eLearning and keen interest in inquiry learning.