As attendees to this conference will know, we are always tying to shake things up a bit. In that spirit, this year's eSpots are a bit different again.

We set the scene with an excerpt from a video (full version here) that predicts the death of education and the birth (or perhaps rebirth) of learning.

The transript from is found here

eSpots started life in about 2008 when it was felt that there was a space for short, sharp mentions of pieces of software that didn't really warrant a whole workshop devoted to them. Then they became short workshops...

We feel that the AISITIC audience has evolved so now we are going to try to do something different again... Rather than treat these great ideas as ideas focussed on a particular technology tool, this year we want to focus on specific teaching or pedagogical scenarios and then invite the audience to offer suggestions for tools, software, apps, approaches, philosophies, (insert suitable noun here) that will help enrich these units or scenarios.

Sort of like "I need to teach <insert specific topic/theme/task here>. What great ideas can you offer me for using technology to make it richer and more meaningful for my students?"

So please, bring along both your great utilities as well as topics or units for which you want to have some ideas crowd-sourced.

Here is a document to which you can add your scenario -

View or edit the GoogleDoc with the link above, or if you are on iPad click this link to be redirected to the online form where you can submit your scenario for crowdsourcing.

It's not often you will have this particular crowd of creative, knowledgable and experienced ICT types at your disposal. Add your classroom scenario (idea, lesson, concept, etc) to the pool, and feel free to offer suggestions for someone else's classroom issue.

If you'd like to contribute to the conversation during this session, feel free to participate in the backchannel by visiting and adding your two cents to the conversation. (It's not a suggestion, it's an order a request!)

The scenarios and suggestions you come up with will form the basis of a discussion (facilitated by Martin Levins, Chris Betcher, Silvana Mladenovic and a number of curious students) in the final plenary of the conference.

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