Dean Pomfrett
Wenona School


Ever thought you could get more out of your iPad? Got a class set of iPads and wondered what you could do to WOW everyone with this technology but still satisfy syllabus requirements? Ever wanted to explore how VISUAL LITERACY can apply to writing or research?
Why not create an interactive ebook where each student has input which includes them talking to you right out of the page or presenting a report on a particular topic. We will explore just how easy it is to create this.

ipad-ebooks.jpgAs we know, iPads are wonderful pieces of technology but are not the most network friendly of machines, and transferring different files in and out of an iPad can be tricky, particularly with younger students.
So, we will examine a WORKFLOW that has every step of the process created on one iPad.
The skills we will be looking at could of course be applied to any KLA, a range of works samples and differentiated for any ability or age group.

As a case study, we will look at sourcing the information for a report online, creating an INTERACTIVE eBOOK with this information and embedding a VIDEO of the students into a page. The video can also have a GREEN SCREEN (chroma key) effect for inserting any background into the video that is suitable for the particular page. We will also look at some samples created in my own classroom.

Creating a page is one thing but then sharing it to a wider audience can be another tricky thing. We will also look at possible ways of doing this as well combining pages into one ebook that have been created on different iPads.


Here is a PDF version of the information on how to merge epubs in Calibre and some extra information on publishing.
Collating and Publishing ePubs.pdf

I will be uploading soon the PowerPoint from the presentation.


If you would like to just come along and see what we do that is fine.
But if you would like to have a project in mind, we can work through this together. Bringing an ipad would allow you to play with the ideas.
Some of the applications we will be using include: Safari, Book Writer, GreenScreen, calibre-ebook


dean - web.jpgWhile working as a classroom teacher in Stages 2 and 3 for many years, I have always had an interest in the use of technology in education and how this can impact students' learning and improve outcomes.

With a particular interest and expertise in Visual Literacy, Video Production and using video with the curriculum to enhance learning, I have been lucky enough to use my skills and experiences in the TV Industry. I have produced and created TV shows for cable television and Channel 9. I have also been able to impact curriculum while serving as an executive member of ATOM NSW (Australian Teachers of Media) My involvement here also allowed me to assist with the running of student film festivals and courses.

I am currently working at Wenona where I continue to develop new ideas for the use of technology in the classroom. When the iPad came along it got me thinking, " how can use this to further enhance Visual Literacy in my classroom...?"