Why I can't do without Evernote

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This will not be a simple how-to session.
Participants will need to have signed up for Evernote prior to the day and come with it loaded onto their Laptop (Mac, PC) or IOS device.
The focus of this session is on pedagogical uses of Evernote, equipping teachers of all subjects to maintain their own work and allowing students to excel with theirs.

1. We all know about 'the cloud' and storing information so that it backs itself up. But how does this work in the 'teaching sphere?'
a) Online or on an IOS device?
b) Sharing Notebooks and organising your teaching life
c) Setting up staff/students with Evernote & Dropbox
d) New Evernote moleskin demonstration
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2. Demonstrations of students & staff collaborating via Evernote
a) Assessments/Lessons
c) Backing up Drafts & Tasks
d) Reporting/Accreditation/Parent Teacher Interviews

3. Personal Research & Portfolio's via Evernote
a) iBooks resources/Hype apps/Composing/Writing/Citing
b) Linking to Dropbox for Video and Audio
c) Creating Evernote websites or 'web sharing links'


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Samuel is a music educator and technology presenter who has a passion for learning...and continuing learning thanks to today's technological advances.
Having started his website wrightstuffmusic.com in 2009 Samuel has been presenting with the AIS on Music Technology and Integrating ICT into the curriculum from 2010.
Since he began working as Composer in Residence at the International Grammar School of Sydney, Samuel has utilised Evernote extensively with students and staff at numerous schools.
As of Term 4 2012, Samuel will be full-time at MLC School Burwood as a classroom teacher and composer. Evernote has also become an essential tool in his teaching and mentoring there.