Susan has made this resource available. Thanks very much, Sue. John

Geocaching came about after the US Military made the accuracy of their satellites available to the public in 2000. There are now 5 million caches hidden all around the world. So what is Geocaching? It's an outdoor treasure hunting game using a GPS enabled device. Players use latitude and longitude co-ordinates to navigate to a specific site in an attempt to find a hidden container at that location. Sounds like fun? It is.
If you like fresh air, exercise, using your brain to solve cryptic clues, enjoy a challenge and are a keen observer of your environment then this is the workshop for you. Come and learn about the art of and how you can implement it in the curriculum.

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Susan Zipfinger has been the Secondary IT Integrator at SCEGGS Darlinghurst for about 11 years. In a previous life she was a Teacher-Librarian at the school. Her role involves bringing new ideas to the classroom and helping teachers with the successful implementation of technology in their lessons. She enjoys trying new things to engage learners and Geocaching and GPS devices have been two ideas she has been using with Maths and Geography students in the last year.

Jess.jpgJessica Jorna is the Digital Learning Facilitator, Geography at Saint Ignatius' College, Riverview. Jess works together with her faculty to integrate ICT into the Geography curriculum. She has a passion for technology, and enjoys implementing ideas that create an engaging curriculum for her students. Geocaching is something that has been of interest to Jess and she looks forward to sharing her knowledge with others.