ICT Options! Wow there is so much stuff out there!!!
Hmmmmm! tools that you can be used to really enhance learning (and teaching)! We will have an explore of tools that you may have seen and wanted to try or that you would like to know more about. Collaboration and online (browser based) tools will be the big focus areas. The idea is that it will be quite an organic hands on sessionwhere you will actually use the tools and we will collaborate using them. The idea of this session is to have the opportunity to try things you may have seen and/or to delve more deeply into them and share your findings with others.

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SOME of the options are:
Prezi: from starters to whoahhh! First step edits with help from other users in the room through to how to embed your prezi into pages, wikis etc. How to collaborate with prezi. What are the new features of Prezi, Prezi on devices!
Google Docs: while the session is running we will have a google document open where we can collaboratively build notes and model how it can be used including adding bookmarks and linking around our document etc!!! We will also have a brief look at other offerings from Google and how this looks from a learning point of view.
Twitter: a demonstration and sharing time on the use of Twitter for Professional Learning. At stages through the session some tips on twitter use will be thrown in and we will look at further use of twitter at the end of the workshop with things like how to set up and follow a list of users and what hashtags are worthwhile.
Other tools: a share session, bring your ideas along or just enjoy a short showcase!

PREPARATION: bring a computer and have access to email for setup of any accounts that may be needed.

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Rolfe is a mild mannered maths teacher and ICT integrator at Newington College. Rolfe enjoys exploring innovative learning while working with staff and students across all curriculum areas. This includes doing quite a bit of research, setting up, testing and trialing! Everyday is a learning experience!
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