darryl photo.jpgDarryl Hearsch


My career has moved and wandered throughout my 30 plus years of teaching.
Started off teaching at a comprehensive co-ed school, Turramurra High in the Science department as Biology and Chemistry teacher. Young and restless and loved exploring hands on chemistry such as loud hydrogen and oxygen explosions and famous for my home made bed of nails which I still do on special occasions. Love of gun powder, touch powder, potassium chlorate and ether. In my 17 years I was also Sport Master for 4 years. Two years at Narrabeen High then a major move to Wenona at North Sydney. At Wenona I started teaching Science then co-ordinated VET IT for 5 years and then took on a role of ICT teacher training and support plus co-ordinated a Multimedia course in D&T as well teaching Senior Chemistry and Junior Science. Now at St Catherine's as Head Teacher Science but midway through 2012 moved to Manager of Research Centre in both Junior and Senior school. Presently coaching seven HOD's on integrating ICT into their department.
I will be presenting along with Pascale on the use of OneNote in the classroom based on using a Samsung Slate PC. This is based on two years of experience of using OneNote in class. I will also talk about problems faced and solutions. I will display two full yr 7 and 10 programs plus look at how we use a common template for all classes plus some of the ICT integration into each topic. I will show the evolution of one topic that is rotated and been tweaked as we go. I will show one powerful feature of OneNote as a research tool. I will talk about various methods of delivery and sharing and discussing advantages and disadvantages of each method. If time is available it may spread to how OneNote is shared and integrated in sharepoint and how it can be integrated into our school database. I will also show how all admin now at our school is moving over to OneNote.

Papasc.jpgscale Warnant


I am currently the Science Coordinator at Our Lady of Mercy College, an independent school in Western Sydney. My school introduced a 1:1 laptop programme 3 years ago and I was one of 6 ICT integrators who contributed to preparing teachers for the roll out of the programme.

Workshop content

Together with Darryl I will be sharing examples of the way in which OneNote is used at my school. Participants will also be given the opportunity to create OneNote sections and package them up for delivery to their students. We will also discuss options for sharing OneNote sections with students and collaborating using OneNote.

Before the workshop

This workshop will be held in a computer lab so you do not need to download any software ahead of the workshop.

You will have the opportunity to work on your own OneNote notebook. Ideally, we'd like this to be a notebook you can share with your students. or the teachers at your school. Please bring along a unit of work or teaching programme, preferably in electronic form as well as resources for this topic (eg: "worksheets" in electronic format, links to web based resources for the topic etc..).

We'd like to find out more about your level of expertise with OneNote. Please take our survey here

Resources for the workshop

We'll be using material that can be accessed here.