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Be part of the conversation! At this year's conference we are encouraging all participants to use the tools of the social web to document their conference experience. As you tweet, take photos, save bookmarks, write posts, etc, please add the conference hashtag - #aisitic12 - to tag all your resources. This allows us to use RSS feeds to create information streams based on those tags.

To fully participate in this part of the conference, you'll need to have an account with Flickr, Delicious, Twitter and a blog. Hopefully, (given that this is an ICT Integration conference) most of you are conversant with these tools and already have accounts. If you don't, now is a great chance to start accounts on some or all of these services (they're all free) and get started! The social web is real and as educators we need to be comfortable in what it offers.

Please take the time to participate by adding to the digital conversation flowing out of this event.


If you are looking to follow either presenters or recognised educational twitters at this year's conference, try:

Keynote Speakers

Stephen Harris @Stephen_H
Andrew Douch @andrewdouch

AISITIC12 Conference Committee

Michael Beilharz
Chris Betcher @betchaboy
Martin Levins @martinlevins
John Clear @metaljar
Jenny Madigan
Sharan King @sharanking
Silvana Mladenovic @silvanam
Martin Pluss @plu


Rolfe Kolbe @rolfek @newingtonICT
David Lee @djlkws
Mike Hobson @hereishobbo
Jess Jorna @craftylibrarian
Tom Lee @motik
Pascale Warnant @warnantp
Megan Townes @townesy77
Maria Skouras @mariaskouras
Trent McAllan @trentmc
Emma Clemens @emmaclemens
Ian Fairhurst @ianfairhurst


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