facilitated discussion
Recently, Martin Levins saw a document that came from the AIS, offering advice to schools about their Social Networking policy.
Martin is interested in talking with others about what their schools are doing in this area.
  • Does the AIS document (put together with the assistance of lawers contracted to do so) take into account current trends in Social Networking in education?
  • Where do I find that AIS document please Martin?

ml.jpgMartin Levins is a science, design and technology educator with a focus on successful learning and a passion for teaching that has taken him into primary, secondary and tertiary classrooms. Currently Director of Information Technology at an independent school for boys in regional NSW, he is also involved in the development and delivery of training on the use of technology in education for teachers and educational leaders at schools and conferences around Australia and overseas, and has enjoyed a wide readership as education columnist for MacWorld magazine and in his new book "Bring Your Own Technology" (ACER press, co-authored with Mal Lee). Martin is at once a team player and a leader, with the ability to identify educational opportunities and needs, and to develop resources and courses to meet them.