Tablet Computing
Paul Harkin - St Aloysius' College, an IOS environment
Justin Hodges - Oakhill College, an Android environment

ipad 3 specs and design

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Why Tablets?

The arrival of the iPad in April of 2010 marked the start of a boom in tablet computing. Although not a new idea, the tablet or slate computer had moved away from the full sized operating systems of the 1990s to the far faster and more intuitive inner workings of the smartphone.

Today’s tablets are personal devices designed to be part of an individual’s lifestyle; integrating work, family, friends, personal interests and entertainment into one intuitive and durable package.
Although not specifically designed for educational use, the new tablets were seized upon by educators almost immediately as a great new tool for learning.

This two hour presentation is split into two sections. The first hour will focus on the rationale for tablet use in schools and the reasons why the Apple iPad and the Acer Slate were chosen by St. Aloysius’ College and Oakhill College respectively for distribution to all students and staff in 2013.

For the second hour the presenters will move into separate rooms offering delegates a choice in attending a demonstration and discussion of the iPad workflows used at St. Aloysius’ College or the Acer Slate workflows utilised at Oakhill College.

Supporting Documents:
iPad Workflow
iPad Rationale
Oakhill App Framework
PaulHarkinBio.jpg Paul Harkin
I have been teaching English for 18 years both in Sydney and overseas. I began building websites to share resources whilst teaching in Dubai between 1998 - 2000. I became Middle School English Coordinator at St. Aloysius in 2004 and moved into the Digital Curriculum Developing role at St. Aloysius in 2010. My role morphed into the Head of eLearning this year in preparation for our up-coming full school roll-out of iPads in 2013.

justin hodges.jpgJustin Hodges

I have been teaching HSIE and RE for the last 8 years at Oakhill College. Formerly a Chartered Accountant, I have used my indiustry experience extensively both in the Business Studies classroom and in ICT integration. My current role is Director of Digital Learning and I am responsible for driving the integration of technology at Oakhill as part the College's Quality Learning Project, based on Understanding by Design.