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Workshop Overview
Electronic textbooks have moved beyond static pages with glossing images and fixed text. iBooks are now an incredible resource which can incorporate interactive 3D images, videos, galleries and widgets. On an iPad students can annotate iBooks by using the highlight and notes tools. Bookmarking and dictionary functions enable students to further explore a topic in the iBook. Students with learning difficulties can have the book read to them so they can process the information at their own pace. In short, iBooks are an engaging and interactive resource that redefine the concept of a text book. I have created and used multiple iBooks in my Year 5 classroom and this is how one of my students described her experience:

“I like iBooks because we can move around images and explore a topic more than we can with an ordinary text book.Everything that we need to learn for a lesson is in the iBook and we can make our own notes and highlight the words to help us learn.”
In this workshop we will look at creating iBooks using iBook Author. We will work though how to put content together in iBook Author and learn about how to share your creation with your students. We will also look at some apps that can be used to create iBooks either as a teaching resource or as a student learning activity.
If you have a Mac, bring it with iBook Author downloaded prior to attending the workshop. It's free but takes a bit of time to download. If you don’t have a Mac then consider downloading some of the following apps. I will give a brief overview of these apps in the workshop also. There will be opportunity in the workshop to begin writing an iBook. It would be helpful if you have an electonic copy of a program or PowerPoint presentation that you teach which could be used as the foundation for your iBook.

  • Book Creator
  • Book Writer
  • StoryBuddy2
  • BookPress
  • Bookabi
  • Little Story Maker

Prezi for Workshop

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For the last two years I have been working as the Curriculum Coordinator at Covenant Christian School. As part of this role I have developed ICT programs and recourses for all grades of primary school. This year I have been teaching with iPads in Year 5 and have thoroughly enjoyed finding education apps and developing resources such as iBooks to engage students with their learning. My Masters study in curriculum and gifted education has helped me critically evaluate how to use technology to engage students in their learning. Presenting at the AIS conference marks my first official week as the ICT integrator at Newington Junior School, Stanmore campus. I am looking forward to getting alongside the teachers at Newington to help them develop interactive lessons using ICTs in a meaningful way.

Emma Clemens Newington College (emma_clemens@hotmail.com)